Tina and her team

We're proud to be a long-standing local business. It's a family business that works hard to produce excellent bakery goods for the local community, winning multiple awards year after year.

You'll always be meet with s smile and excellent service from all the team.

Mairangi Bay Bakery
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Kin CheungKin Cheung
12:20 05 Aug 23
Great pies! Best bakery on the North Shore. The place is neat and tidy, many varieties but sells out pretty quickly. Loved their wagyu pie.
Lucy WongLucy Wong
01:24 05 Aug 23
We came for a mince and cheese pie and wow they did not disappoint! Piping hot, full to the brim with meat. Pastry was flaky and delicious. 11/10 would recommend 😊 we will be back for sure!
Sue WilsonSue Wilson
03:11 02 Aug 23
Welcome to the best bakery and lunch bar on the North Shore. A TV crew was arriving this morning as yet again they won another award.
David OldfieldDavid Oldfield
02:19 26 Jul 23
This is a bakery for the food gods. The cupcakes are a labor of love along with most of the other food they sell.Even cafes I frequent on a regular basis don't have such amazing looking at items to buy.I can for my waist line expanding if I am not careful and get to many treats
Mike C.Mike C.
22:38 09 Jul 23
Delicious pies and pastries. Honestly the pictures speak for themselves. Great quality and price.
Sokly SimSokly Sim
07:16 30 Jun 23
Really tasty steak and cheese pie, home made dumplings are delicious as well. Great customer service, friendly and fast!
Sebastian KnottSebastian Knott
23:04 01 Mar 23
Oh fair denizens of Auckland, lend me thine ear,For I shall regale thee with a tale of a bakery so dear,Nestled in Mairangi Bay, where the waves doth crash and roar,Lies a bakery that doth leave all others far behind, and more.For their pork belly and apple sauce pie, 'tis said,Is the finest of all, fit for royalty to be fed,No other bakery in all of Auckland can even compare,To the culinary delights that Mairangi Bay Bakery doth prepare.And lo, a funny worker doth grace their halls,Whose love for my sister doth cause his heart to enthrall,With jests and japes, he doth make the customers laugh and smile,And for this we are grateful, for it doth make our stay worthwhile.Oh Mairangi Bay Bakery, how we doth sing thy praise,For all that thou doth offer, in so many ways,From thy savory pies to thy sweet treats divine,In all of Auckland, no other bakery can even shine.So let us raise a toast to this wondrous place,And to the funny worker, whose love doth embrace,May they forever continue to delight and amaze,And may their legacy endure for many years and days.
Xinger HuangXinger Huang
08:29 15 Jan 23
Moroccan venison pie was delicious, but 12 dollars was expensive* Food: 4.5* Value for money: 2.5* Cleanliness and atmosphere of the restaurant: 3* Service: 4
Gen AGen A
05:44 20 Nov 22
Such a cute little bakery. Great pies and little cakes.
02:35 14 Aug 22
Fabulous bakery with a great selection of cakes, bread and pies. Lots of specially made treats for the kids! 🍰😊
Andrew TreebyAndrew Treeby
02:43 15 Jul 22
Mairangi Bay Bakery does the best pies in Auckland. Possibly even the best pies in New Zealand. I've tried all the best bakeries, and Mairangi Bay Bakery do the best. My favourite pie is the Slow Cooked Beef Pie. It's perfect every time. But I do like to try their new ones too when they become available. It's no wonder people travel from all over to try them. Their other food is good too, but the pies are amazing! Make sure you get the gourmet pies. They're more expensive but definitely worth it. Just be careful, once you've tried these pies you won't want to eat them from anywhere else. You have been warned
Joelene DormonJoelene Dormon
10:22 03 Jul 22
Do yourself the biggest favour and try out the Pies from here. They are incredible, my personal favourite is the Vegetarian Green Curry but hubby loves all the meat ones. The team here are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet and did I mention they gave the cutest cupcakes too!
Blair OuthwaiteBlair Outhwaite
07:35 25 Jun 22
Have been going here for ages. Always had friendly service and the food is great. The meat in the pies is always nice and I have never had a big fatty or chewy piece in any pie. All the awards are well deserved.
08:05 19 Jun 22
This family business have won more awards than any other bakery on the North Shore that I am aware of. A clean well laid out shop. Polite helpful staff. This a bakery that really deserves its 5 star rating. Definitly worth a visit.
Jay KimJay Kim
04:46 19 Jun 22
Best bakery in the shore. Campbell at the front desk always has your needs covered. Great customer service and awesome foods
Fynn MinogueFynn Minogue
23:09 14 Jun 22
Awesome range of pies, from the classic mince and cheese through to experimental gourmet creations πŸ‘ŒπŸ»Meat is always braised perfectly and gravy is on point.Also pastries and cupcakes look amazing, but I’m all about the pies, so haven’t explored theseSuper friendly baker tooWe’ll done guys. Definitely worth a visit or three
Heather BakerHeather Baker
00:44 06 Jun 22
Mairangi Bay Bakery made a superb cake for us recently. Chocolate with a raspberry choc cream filling, it was moist and delicious. Beautifully decorated. Very reasonably priced. Highly recommend.They also provided cupcakes, mince savouries and club sandwiches for us. All very fresh, tasty and well made. Great job. Thank you!
Jennifer GarciaJennifer Garcia
21:54 05 Jun 22
Been coming here for ages. Great pies and they're always trying new things. I like the seafood and the chicken and cranberry myself. Their prices have gone up a little over the years but not in a way that seems unreasonable (despite what other reviewers think). Inflation is a thing. If your weekly shop costs more so does there's.
Carrie-Anne GreyCarrie-Anne Grey
10:52 28 May 22
Best pies, chicken wraps, donuts cupcakes goodness, friendly staff, I could go on they are just awesome and we are lucky they are so close to our home ☺️
Stefan van StadenStefan van Staden
10:19 14 May 22
The price mentioned and the price charged was not the same but I only saw that on my receipt after I left. $78.93 for 10x cupcakes. Normal debit card so no surcharge due to CC required. The cupcakes itself was terrible, it must have been a week to 10 days old. They looked beautiful but was so hard we couldn't eat it. I've been supporting them for many years, but sad to say I won't again.Local businesses MUST earn trust in their community, and sneakily charging a few bucks more when your customer is not looking is a very slippery slope...UPDATE: 1 Aug 2022Thank you for the response.I was a customer for almost 5 years yes, and no, I'm not a competitor. My reviews are always fair and I'm not hiding behind a fake profile. This was not the first time you tried to overcharge me but on an earlier occasion I questioned it and you turned it into a joke, saying oops, sorry, my mistake and fixed it, this time around I didn't catch on quick enough.
Lloyd CLloyd C
23:13 25 Mar 22
A vegans nightmare. Walked in wanted to puke. Walked out. But they're double vaxxed so I felt "safe"... Cause covid worse than diabetes
Nice pies pastry light and we'll bakes.
Richard LoudenRichard Louden
05:54 06 Mar 22
Best pies I've tasted ever, and that's from a guy that relishes in bakery dining
Soli HemaraSoli Hemara
05:22 08 Feb 22
Josh says it's the best pie shop in NZ... and he was right too.
Samuel Tu'itahiSamuel Tu'itahi
02:46 02 Feb 22
Great award winning pies, helped with the sorrow of having a trash fishing session at Murrays Bay wharf.
04:18 15 Jan 22
The best bakery food hands downs especially their custard twist . And super friendly service.
Jonny CheesecakeJonny Cheesecake
02:52 06 Jan 22
Straight-up best pie I've had in years, and I wasn't even that hungry. Beautiful flakey pastry, quality filling and generous size. New favorite pie shop in Auckland (and I've tried hundreds of bakeries in the quest for a great pie).
Richard SurkusRichard Surkus
06:39 16 Nov 21
Pretty good sausage roll. Thanks
Hana OliviaHana Olivia
20:44 15 Nov 21
Best pies in NZ ❀️ We always make sure we stop by this bakery Everytime we visit north shore. Always busy which proves its quality!
Helen JoeHelen Joe
23:35 05 Nov 21
Tried the steak n cheese and beef cheek, mushroom and cheese. Both were superb with generous chunks of tender and juicy meat encased it amazing pastry. Highly recommended!
Julie ThomsonJulie Thomson
02:30 19 Oct 21
Excellent outside service for lockdown.
angel ocallaghanangel ocallaghan
13:01 04 Oct 21
Only got a sausage roll. Definitely worth the price.My partner got a raspberry and raisin doughnut. Weird but liked it.
Prakash PrasadPrakash Prasad
21:15 29 Jul 21
Lovel shop. Reasonable prices
04:44 19 Nov 20
Great prices, amazing hot food and friendly staff. There’s a reason why this place has won numerous awards. The sausage rolls are the best I’ve had from an NZ bakery, no question.

Awards 2018

In the recent National Pie Awards Tina & Vong Hean, owners of Mairangi Bay Bakery, won a Gold, a Silver and a Brinze award. This hardworking couple also won "In the Top 10" awards for several pies.

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